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What is QsCalendar?

It is a system app for iPhones & iPads with unique photos, 

which connects people use awesome and powerful inventions!

Created for billions devices around the world. 

Designed for all devices supported by Apple.

QsCalendar with colorful animations.

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 QsCalendar is a Digital Birthday Calendar & 

Photo Address book. 

QsCalendar is unique.

QsCalendar is the one and only app,

which uses the Date Selector to drive the UI.

It is an invention.

The Date Selector has advanced algorithm implemented.

Touch the Date Selector to select information.

The interface shows the photos.

The photos are interactive.

Touch Photo to get the contact details.

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The Digital Birthday Calendar

QsCalendar is designed for birthdays and celebrations

The month calendar of QsCalendar is user interactive.

Use the month selector and the birth month to show 

all birthdays with contact photo,

Use the year selector to calculate the date,

Use the photo for phone calls, video calls and iMessages 

and much more...

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The Photo Address Book

QsCalendar is designed for everyday to enjoy.

The contact search of QsCalendar searches all contacts in the address book.

The advanced search algorithm presents the results directly with contact photo.

The recently viewed are shown at the top for fast and easy access.

Great design, Pixel precision, 

Enriched with animations,

Super fast, Accurate and Joy.

QsCalendar is the unique app with awesome inventions.

Designed for all devices supported by Apple.